UA-4849914-11 Miss Minnesota 2014 | Minnesota Wedding Video Awards

Welcoming Savannah Cole to the judging team. Savannah Cole is the 21-year old out of Brainerd.  Savannah is a former Miss Minnesota 2014 in the Miss America Organization. Savannah has been an advocate for the Epilepsy Foundation for 5 years. She works to increase the awareness of epilepsy; erase the stereotypes surrounding epilepsy and promote epilepsy education in schools. Savannah has been active in Community Theater since the age of 4, participating in 18 plays. She plays violin and has been a figure skater for 15 years. She is an accomplished vocalist and has won many Preliminary Talent awards and is now a Country recording artist. With two singles released: “Somebody To Love” & “Gonna Getcha Good” available on iTunes and Spotify, Savannah will be releasing her first album Spring of 2017.